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  August 13, 2017

Kansas Public Service HF Nets 

In an emergency, to contact the ham station at the State Capital, Topeka, look for (Standby for update) on 3940 kHz or 
7250 kHz (RACES). Or 3920 kHz (ARES).

=> Taken from Kansas Amateur Radio web site. (Nets)
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Local Time Days  Frequency Net Name
06:45  M, W, F 3920 KHz Kansas Phone Net
07:00 Daily 3920 KHz Kansas Morning Weather Net
08:00 Sun 3920 KHz Kansas Phone Net.
12:30 M-S 7253 KHz Central States Traffic Net
1800 Daily 3920 KHz Kansas Weather Net
1830 Daily 3920 KHz Kansas Sideband Net
1900 Daily 3610 KHz Kansas CW Traffic Net
1930 M, W, F 3710 KHz Kansas Slow-Speed CW Traffic Net
2200 Daily 3610 KHz Kansas CW Traffic Net

A word about ARES and RACES:

From ARRL's ARES overview:  "During a "nondeclared emergency," ARES can operate under ARES, but when an emergency or disaster is officially declared by a state or federal authority, the operation can become RACES with no change in personnel or frequencies".

It appears that the best thing to do during an emergency, when looking for a Net, is to just tune the area up and down from your best guess frequency, depending on distance and time of day. ( F.C.)

Dedicated RACES Operating Frequencies

1800-1825 kHz
1975-2000 kHz
3.50-3.55 MHz
3.93-3.98 MHz
3.984-4.000 MHz
7.079-7.125 MHz
7.245-7.255 MHz
10.10-10.15 MHz
14.047-14.053 MHz
14.22-14.23 MHz
14.331-14.350 MHz
21.047-21.053 MHz
21.228-21.267 MHz
28.55-28.75 MHz
29.237-29.273 MHz
29.45-29.65 MHz
50.35-50.75 MHz
52-54 MHz
144.50-145.71 MHz
146-148 MHz
222-225 MHz
420-450 MHz
1240-1300 MHz
2390-2450 MHz

Many Stateside and Caribbean Emergency Nets
on the SHARC Frequencies.html page. 

And this from, and other sources. 

Health and Welfare Red Cross Salvation Army
3.620 cw
3.920 sb
7.240 sb
7.250 sb
7.255 sb
7.260 sb
14.326 14.265

Search the ARRL web site for other state nets.  HERE 

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