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SHARC Want-to-Buy or For-Sale Items
February 14, 2017

The FOR SALE Page. 

Two Kenwood TM-732A rigs for sale.

I have TWO Kenwood TM-732A Dual Band Mobile Radios for sale. Both are used but in good working condition. Includes everything shown in the picture. Only difference between the two is one has a worn keypad on the mic. I have one manual, first one to buy a radio gets it! Better one is $250 and the 2nd one is $200.

    Sorry. Both radios are happily engaged in exciting QSO's. 

"The Kenwood TM-732A dual band 2 meter, 440 MHz transceiver provides high performance communications with operating ease. It features dual receive including V+V and U+U, built-in DTSS and page functions, 50 memory channels and multi-scan functions. The high visibility front panel is detachable. Extended receive range is 118-174 MHz and 438-450 MHz. Power output is 50/10/5 watts on 2 meters and 35/10/5 watts on 440 MHz. 5.52 x 1.6 x 6.3 inches 2.4 Lbs. (140x40x160mm 1.1 kg). Requires 13.8 VDC at 11.5 amps. MC-45DM multifunction DTMF hand mic included."



U.S. Army Signal Corps Vibroplex.
Made on June 6, 1941
Complete with J-38 straight key. 
An antique collector's treasure.
Contact Jay, KC5ADQ, 580-269-2272. 

2 meter beam antenna.
Tuesday, February 14, 2017 09:22

Home made (well built) 4 element 'Quad' 2 meter beam antenna.
Thought to be called a "Copper Clopper" or "Clopper Copper".
Generally highly regarded as a fine 2 meter antenna.
Complete with Rotor, motor and spare motor.
Oops. Sorry. This antenna is gone.


Yaesu FT 1000 D Comes with mic and Operator's Manual.
In Original box. Nice condition. $1200. 

WANTED: Transistor radios, preferable
not busted up.  Need not work.  Colored plastics, etc.  Pay cash.

Especially looking for an -Al-Ard- radio.  Old, wooden type made in
Garden City in late '20s.  

Contact: Rod/K0EQH 


This SHARC web page is for publicizing the radio equipment that you have for sale. Look around your shack and send an E-mail to Floyd WYQX describing the items that you have for sale and the circumstances of the transaction --- price, shipping, delivery, etc. If you are in the market for some radio related item shoot me an E-mail and we'll get the word out.



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