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Being prepared to provide aid via communication during a disaster or emergency is a big part of amateur radio. There are two main entities referred to in amateur radio "em comm":

ARES, which stands for "Amateur Radio Emergency Service", is the ARRL branch of amateur emergency services.
RACES, which stands for "Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service", is the government branch of amateur emergency services.

According to the ARRL ARES vs. RACES FAQ: "ARES is activated before, during and after an emergency. Generally, ARES handles all emergency messages, including those between government emergency management officials. RACES, on the other hand, almost never starts before an emergency and is active only during the emergency and during the immediate aftermath if government emergency management offices need communications support. RACES is normally shut down shortly after the emergency has cleared."

For more information on ARES and RACES visit the following sites:

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Local Nets

A SHARC weekly net is called on Tuesday evenings at 8:30 pm Central on the SHARC linked repeaters.

A SKECT weekly net is called on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 pm Central on the SKECT linked repeater network.

A K-LINK weekly net is called on Saturday evenings from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm Central on the K-LINK repeater network.

Kansas Public Service & HF Nets

The Kansas Section of the ARRL website provides a list of daily and weekly nets:

ARRL Kansas Section - Nets page

ARRL Net Directory

The ARRL website provides a list of registered nets:

ARRL Net Directory page