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   February 14, 2017


In 1980, the Sand Hills Amateur Radio Club decided to sponsor a repeater in Scott City. It was also decided to raise most of the money for the repeater in Scott City. Sam, WOAG, and Andy, WZUX, called on about 20 local businessmen and Professional people and asked for donations of $200 each. Many gave that much, and with the help of other members of the club $2,427 was raised. A coordinated frequency of 146.100/146.700 was obtained.

A Spectrum Communications SCR1000 repeater was purchased. The station was set up one mile west of Scott City at the Wheatland Electric Power Plant, where it operates from today. Besides the usual Duplexer, a combiner or diplexer was also purchased. This allowed us to use the Wheatland Coax and antenna. The duplexer is a DB-4060 and the combiner is a DB-4055. The power calculated at ERP of 54 watts with a 30-watt input and a gain of 2.6 db.

The repeater was placed on the air on February 3, 1981 with the call of WZUX/R. It was noted that all Garden City stations reported weak signals. We were unable to contact Syracuse. To obtain better coverage of this area, the combiner was removed in November of 1984, and the repeater was place on a coax and antenna of its own. This increased the signal strength in the fringe areas.

Down time has been a minimum. It was down about a week in 1981 (transmitter IC was bad), 1 day in 1984 and 1 day in 1985. The last two times were due to an intermittent transistor in the receiver. At the present time coverage includes all Scott County, east to Dighton, west to Leoti, south to Garden and north to about the Smokey Hill river.


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